Nepal Education Fund

Some of you may remember the story of the lady in the tiny room. I wrote about her a couple of years ago. Today was Mother’s Day here in Nepal and her son, Dev Raj, phoned me and invited me to visit. They live in the slums of old Kathmandu and the temperature these days is 40 degrees and today I really needed a day off but I could not disappoint them so took the bus into the city again. I was pleased that I made the effort as she had bananas and prawn chips and a gift for me. She was so happy that I came. I am putting this picture on here so you can see the size of her room, it is no more than three feet wide, very dark and up very steep, dark stairs. It must be so difficult for them to live in these conditions especially as Dev Raj is now 12 and sleeps in this bed with his mother. She earns only about 40 rupees per day selling clothes on the street but bought me this gift and food. Ke Garne as they say here “What to Do” It is her pleasure and way of saying thanks.

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