Nepal Education Fund

Tomorrow night I start my journey home via Hong Kong. This has been one of the best trips to Nepal maybe the best of all. Although there have been some frustrations there has been many wonderful events and heartfelt moments. The women’s literacy programs, one in Pokhara and now one in Kathmandu have been the highlight, the joy in these women has been so satisfying. The many children who are doing so well. Living here with Mann and Sima has been special, so many conversations about culture and the lack of women’s rights has been a great insight. My daily language lessons with an enlightened teacher has taught me how to have basic conversations in Nepali and I have learned some basic writing. He also has taught me a lot of Nepali culture and history. Yesterday I had lunch with him and his family and they cooked me a delicious meal. Living without much water or electric, no showers has taught me how lucky I am. Most all to live in a peaceful, stable country is the luckiest thing of all. Here, in Nepal, people never know what the next day will bring. As I prepare to leave Nepal is in turmoil with a possible coup at anytime. Yesterday I was in Kathmandu when a friend told me to immediately go home. But by that time there were huge demonstrations, buses stopped, fires on the road. Kamal was nearby and came and met me and we started the long two walk home but after walking through a huge demonstration we found one of the last buses and got home.
This morning we went by motorbike to the village of Hattiben where the school had a ceremony for me. We were unsure whether to go because of the situation but took the chance. It was a simple event with much beauty as the little children presented me with flowers, a cloth and picture. Two of the older children Asmita and Sanu came and shook my hand with their faces full of gratitude. We have 12 children sponsored here. My heart was full of emotion for their love and also of sadness as I do not know what their future holds but I feel it is bleak as the peace process unravals. The people I love here, my Nepali family of Mann and Sima, Jagat and Puspa, Kamal etc and all our children, I hope and pray that the coming days somehow remain peaceful. Hopefully I will visit again soon. Thank you to all sponsors and donors for making the success here possible and offering hope, the most precious gift of all, to your Nepal families and children.

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