Nepal Education Fund

Tomorrow is my last day and then I leave on a 11 pm flight for Hong Kong. It has been a tough two months and I have not taken one day off. In retrospect I think that was a mistake as yesterday I lost my phone which was an expensive international phone. I think I should have given my mind a rest now and again and I would have been able to focus better.
We achieved a lot with the new literacy problem, the new sewing shop both which are doing well. New library for Simpani school. The trip to Chimkhola with the Rotary members from Duncan and this project at the school is almost complete. Saved Bagawati’s foot and of course the continuation of literacy programs and our children’s educational program through their sponsorships. New children were added as well.
There were a lot emotions over the poverty and the problems this causes. Working with Mann and Jagat in particular is a pleasure and although we have our ups and downs we are a good team and we all love the charity and all the people we help. I am always sad to leave them as they are like family. Mann has saved all of my possessions that I leave everywhere until yesterday when I lost my phone and that was my fault. This is the first trip that I have not worked alone for some of the time. Mann has been with me constantly and supported me totally and I am very grateful for that. I have also been visiting government officials re my daughter’s adoption process which the Canadian Government has suspended and this has been particularly upsetting as she would have been home with her child in a couple of months and now we just do not know. She has waited nearly two years and been through a lot of anxiety over this.
When I get home I will carry on sending out all the photos to you all.

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