Nepal Education Fund

Tomorrow evening, Saturday, we leave Nepal for Hong Kong. As always it is hard to leave. We have had a very productive time here and have done a lot in a short time. I have seen some of our college students in the last couple of days and they are doing well. Quite a lot are working as well as going to college so that they can keep themselves. One, Yangji, Mann found a job for her working in a restaurant and we have also just found a sponsor for her little sister. They lost their father a few months ago. I just received an email from her tell me how grateful she is because now she has the responsibility of providing for her little sister and her aunty.
I think we must have seen at least half of our children on this visit and all of our women.
I am going to post some photos later this evening when my battery has recharged.
Our NEF program is going very well here and Mann and Jagat are doing a great job running the charity at this end. I will be sending out photos to sponsors of the children we saw when I get home.

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