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We were planning to leave for Kathmandu on Saturday but not sure yet if we will get all the work done.  There are not enough hours in the day.  The dentistry is almost finished, still some patients to come back for more treatment.  Quite a few children did not show up so we put the mothers in their place.  The dentist explained to me how important it is for the women to be treated.  In pregnancy here it is taboo for them to brush their teeth something to do with their culture.  So just when it is so important for them to look after their teeth they do not. 
Today I met a doctor in my favourite restaurant which is like my second home, The Laughing Buddha.  Clare is travelling and asked if I knew where she could do some volunteer work.  After giving it some thought I suggested she could do a medical camp, just like the dentist one we have just done, in Simpani.  She thought it was a great idea so we took her to the school and introduced her to the children and mothers.  It is all arranged for next Thursday.  She will use one of the classrooms and will check the children’s ear, eyes, heart etc. Unfortunately I will be back in Kathmandu but we have it all arranged for her.  The equipment that she needs the dental hospital will provide for her.  Nar, who is a new NEF staff member will help her.  I am excited about it as she will be able to detect if the children have any problems they need further medical treatment.  She thought today that the children all looked quite healthy. 
Tomorrow my literacy ladies want to say goodbye and I do not like goodbyes but I do want to see them one more time. 
We have had some problems in the last two days which have made it particularly hectic.  The motorbike broke down and they cannot get the part here.  We had just spent $35 having it serviced the day before and now this part needs replacing which is quite expensive.  The schoolroom we use for the ladies literacy at the stone quarrey we lost but Tol Prasad, the school principal at High Mount, found us a new one today.  It is more money but we had no choice.  Our sewing shop and school had to be moved to a bigger space and we also hired a more experienced teacher.  They will start working in the new shop next week making school uniforms.  This also is costing us more money.  I worry about all this but have to move forward.  The ladies who work in the shop love their jobs and have some income from it. 
Anyway time for bed.  Tomorrow is our last day in Pokhara and how I hate to say goodbye.     

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