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I have got a bit behind with this blog owing to internet difficulties.  Also I thought I was flying home last Monday but got to the airport only to find out I was booked on the previous day.  I remembered then that the flight was changed before I left home and I had the wrong itinerary.  So now I go home on Thursday at an extra cost of $940.  A very expensive mistake.  I felt terrible about it but there it is.  

Also the journey is now longer so nearly 40 hours now.  
I have lots of photos to post here and stories and will do it as time and Internet permit.
The photos today are of two days ago at the Nakhipot school.  We went to give teaching aids and the sanitary kits from Days For Girls charity in the US.  Also to check on the Rotary Project toilets.  The staff here are amazing.  The girls were so happy with kits and Ed bought cakes for everyone.
Ed has been amazing.  I will write about him later.  He is a wonderful addition to our charity.  Running shoes donated by Ceevacs running club in Duncan.

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