Nepal Education Fund

I just have a little over two weeks before leaving for Nepal on the 22nd of Feb.  If you have letters or small gifts please get them to me by next week. 
I am still waiting on the last few payments but most of it is in.  Thank you everyone for making this the best year ever for the payments being in on time.
I am looking forward to seeing all the women and children in Nepal and of course my Nepal families of Mann and Jagat.  We have a sponsor coming a few days after me and our donors from Qatar coming on March 11th.  One of our Vancouver donors was just there. 
Everything is going well and when I am in Nepal I will update this blog as often as possible.  There is only 8 hours of electricity per day and often 4 hours of this is in the night which makes computer work difficult.
I will be matching new sponsors and children and new sponsors and women when I am there.  I will also use flickr for photos.

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