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Tonight I am on my way to Hong Kong.  Saying goodbye to my ever extending Nepali family is very sad for me.  These people are incredible, they look after me so well and it really is a second home for me.  I am not allowed to cook as in a Nepali kitchen it is taboo for visitors to cook, it is a matter of honour Mann told me and respect.  So I sit back and enjoy the delicious dhal bhat and tarkari that Sima cooks for me.
This has been an incredible trip with so much work completed.  There have been no days off but much accomplished.  All children have been visited and we have seen all but two children.  We spent a lot of time with our women’s literacy, we trekked to Chimkhola and Gauda Muni which was a highlight.  We also visited another village and school which we hope will be a future project.  We visited Phumdi Bumdi and the school there with its new library provided by NEF.  Photos of this later.  We had our dental program treating over 100 children and some mothers, a medical camp where 85 children were checked.  We visited the village of Hattiban 3 times to see the children there.  The last time this morning we registered this all at school, 16 children there now. 
I will continue this tomorrow as my flight is nearly boarding.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you again, Susan! James and I would like to sponsor one of the 'literacy ladies'.
    Please bring some brochures around next time you are in for coffee on a Friday morning, too.
    Thank you for your hard work.

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