Nepal Education Fund

Tomorrow we leave Nepal for India. As always we are very sad to leave Nepal and our wonderful family here and all our friends and children.
I have letters for all the sponsors of the women in the literacy program. They were all written in Nepali so Mann and Sima have translated them all for you. I think they are very special and I am sure all the sponsors will be pleased with them. They are very happy to be able to write them to you and that is the gift you have given them and what better gift could that be.
There are a lot of letters from the children also but we did not get to visit every child in this short time but we have seen at least half of them.
We have done a great deal in two weeks. The science project is well on its way. The principal phoned this morning to say that the tables and stools are ready and Mann is going to Pokhara in a few days to take the three big boxes of science equipment to them.
We have a begininer class of new women and the other class continues adding English language. A total of 45 women students. We have had to turn a lot away again. They just keep coming to the school wanting to learn. It is hard to turn them away.
The children are doing well, we have lost a couple of teenaged boys but otherwise our results are excellent.
I will not be touch again now until I get back to Canada on November 18th. As soon as I get back I will get all photos and letters out to everyone.
Thanks again for making our work here possible. This charity is very successful and we are helping to change lives and give a lot of hope which means so much.

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