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I am now at the orphanage, settled in and finally am able to unpack all the bags. Yesterday we sqeezed three 70 pound bags in a tiny taxi and followed Jagat and Kamal on the motorbike. The driver told me he works one day and then the next lines up for six hours to get his ration of 10 to 12 litres of petrol. The line ups all along the road were huge for petrol and diesel. So buses are in short supply also with no fuel. There is also no cooking gas, very little kerosene, no water and electric is off 8 hours a day. Life is very hard for the people here. I was just at a gas shop where we sponsor some children and they do not know what they are going to do as there is no work for them. No gas was there not even the cylinders. Food prices have skyrocketed and fuel also. A bag of rice has gone from 600 rupees last year to 880. The people are forever patient and smiling. I wonder how we would react to such hardship in the West. Here at the orphanage there is no water and clothes have to be washed at the river. I just put on some clean clothes as I was still wearing the ones I left home in!! Have to learn to conserve in all areas. Showering will become a distant memory.
I gave out some Barbie dolls this morning at the gas shop and how their faces lit up, it was pure joy. Some people at home did not think Barbies were a good idea well I can tell you they are a bright light in time of hardship. Jagat’s litttle boy was playing with one last night that I had given his sister last year. The boys sure like them too. So thanks to all of you who donated them. I just wish you could see the joy they bring and the look of their little faces. I love it.
Till next time.

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