Nepal Education Fund

Life is very tough here.  There is a petrol shortage and Mann had to line up for two hours last night to get some.  The electricity is off for hours at a time which means no Internet either.  Hot water is just a dream and I really cannot get used to cold showers so go without.  Food is always the same rice, lentils and veg.  I do buy fruit though that is readily available.  cannot complain as a lot of people do not have any food.  Jenny the dog still not doing well and had to go back to the vet again today.  The vet said most Nepali people cannot look after themselves let alone a dog.  dogs are just dogs here where in the west they are part of the family.  I am sure this dog hates me now as I have put her through all this.
this afternoon we went back to City Academy to sponsor a child and then to visit two children, one which was not home even though we phoned a neighbor but guess they did not get the message.
Sunday is a countrywide strike.  Why I do not know and no one else does either.  I have to say that Nepali people are very tough and uncomplaining.  I cannot imagine what would happen at home if the electricity went off for hours every single day and strikes were a regular occurrence.
I only have ten children left to visit and probably will see half of those tomorrow. 

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