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Today I saw a lot of my literacy ladies and as usual they were delightful and so grateful.  How I love these ladies.  Yesterday we held a picnic for them and some of the children.  We could not include all the children as there were just too many.  As it was we had over 70 people on one bus!  The ladies prepared all the vegetables and chickens.  Lori and Jay enjoyed helping with this.  We had rice and lentils which is dhal baht, takari, which is curried vegetables, samosas, tea and oranges.  the oranges being local as they grow here.  We played games and danced.  How the ladies love to dance.  We left at 9 and left for home just after 3 on the crowded school bus.  We had the picnic by the river at Dhampus.  On my first trip to Nepal in 2001 we finished our trek here, so much has transpired since then.  Lori and Jay paid for the picnic so our thanks go to them and they totally enjoyed the experience.

Today I took photos and matched some new ladies or ones that want to come back into the program.  One new lady had badly deformed hands from being burned.  She was extremely poor and asked us to sponsor her nine year old son who has never been to school.  I do not have a sponsor for him right now but said I would try for the future.  She has no husband as he left after she was burned so she works in the river at the quarry earning a small amount of money.  I was surprised when she came to the literacy classroom but she said she wanted to be part of it.  So I matched her with a new sponsor I had.

So after being loaded up with flowers I said my goodbyes till next time and feeling totally satisfied with a job well done I left.  This literacy program brings so much joy to the women and in turn to me.
I am having trouble uploading photos so will try tomorrow.

Construction at Kristi School

Two girls at Phumbi Bumdi in red shirts donated from Qatar

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