Nepal Education Fund

Talking with my literacy ladies I was happy to find out that they are getting much more than education from their classes. They told me that they have all made many new friends and really enjoy the social networking they get from their school friends. They said that they were isolated before but now they all have each other. This probably keeps a lot of them coming to class also which is so good. When I thought about it a woman’s day here is totally consumed by work, looking after her family, cooking and working and the type of work they do leaves no time for conversation.
Our new literacy program starts next week in a place called Hamza. We are just waiting on desks to be made. We rented a room located in a stone quarrey by a river. This is a very poor area. All the women work in the quarrey and they are all young, one only 19 but with no education. They approached us for this program so it should be successful. They will go to class at 6 pm after their work day and after they have cooked the food.
Tomorrow we go back to Kathmandu for three days to visit a donor from Qatar and then we will come back here on Monday. We will have a very busy week here then matching children, getting the sewing program up and running and the new literacy program.

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