Nepal Education Fund

The school principal called from Pokhara today and he said the women cannot wait to start school and keep asking when they are going to start. They do not want to wait. They are due to start in two weeks when school resumes. That made me smile. Their enthusiam makes this project so worthwhile.
We visited a lot of children yesterday including Pradip who was the boy we nearly lost 3 years ago to the street and drugs. He is now starting class 9 and seems to be very happy. He says he plans to go to college when he finishes school. I am very proud of him. His brother who we did sponsor a few years ago dropped out of school and tried menial jobs and left home. Now he has come back and is in school again. We have not sponsored him since. But he looked eagar but do not feel I can really take a chance on him again. Teenage boys seem to be a challenge. I guess that is the same every where and would be worse in a country like this.
We now have sponsors in Qatar in the middle east. Have to catch the bus home now so till next time.

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