Nepal Education Fund

Sandesh is one of our new children just sponsored last week. He had not been to school for one year as his mother is too poor to send him. Her husband left her 3 years ago and she has another 3 year child. Sandesh is a bright 10 year old who very much wanted to go to school. Unfortunately two days ago he was hit by a motorcycle after getting off the school bus. The driver took him to hosptial by taxi and we went as soon as we heard about him. We spent a few hours at the hospital while he underwent treatment for a bad head injury. Fortunately he was okay and suffered no internal damage but required many stitches in his head which took an hour to stitch and we sat listening to this child’s screams. The mother came by bus to the hospital as she could not afford a taxi. He is still in the hospital but should be discharged today. The ward he is in is horrible, filthy windows with one broken and about ten beds tightly fitted in this room and people of all ages and conditions. One of our Nepali friends has been spending the night at the hospital with him as there is no one to watch them at night or get medicine for them if needed. We are just thankful that he is okay. Life is tough enough for this family without such bad luck.
the heat continues as does all the shortages. I am looking forward to returning home next week to all the luxuries we take for granted.

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