Nepal Education Fund

This morning I visited the home of Indira and Mamdira.  Very poor family that has been waiting over a year for a sponsor.  Father, Naran, works in an iron shop making 5000 rupees per month ($60) and mother does labour work making about 2000 rupees a month ($23) and their rent is 2,500 per month (30) so this only leaves $53 for food and other necessities.  Plus there is no free medical here or education and no food banks.  It is a tough life.  When I go to a home with only one sponsor left I always pick the youngest girl.  It is a little hard on the heart as one watches while the other holds the sign and is photographed.  I always take the whole families photo but they know what is going on.  So Mamdira does not have a sponsor.  Indira has a private school sponsor but even if we could get a government school sponsor for her it would as sometimes we can get a deal at the school where we register many children.  That costs $125.00 per year or half private school would be $175.00.  This would help us get both girls in the same school.

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