Nepal Education Fund

Mann, our NEF President in Nepal, had his appendics removed a couple of weeks ago.  He is feeling much better now.  He has to take it easy for awhile but is looking much better.

I have been away for ten days in the US.  Now that I am home I will get the newsletter out as soon as possible.  It has been a busy time with the garage sale and getting photos out to everyone.  Hopefully now I can catch up on some paperwork. 

Everything is fine in Nepal.  One of our students who left school last year has now realized she made a mistake and so her sponsor is paying for her to attend a sewing course so that she will have a trade.  She is too old to go back to school as she felt she was too far behind.  She has been at the sewing school about a month now and has been attending every day.  Hopefully this makes a difference for her and helps her future. 

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