Nepal Education Fund

Tonight at the Annurpurna Rotary Meeting Mann received this Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award.   I have never seen him so happy, he just could not believe this was happening to him.  My battery is very low and no electric so will add more photos to this later.  It is a great honour for Mann and he now joins ranks with other Paul Harris Fellow Award recipients such as Mother Theresa, Koffi Annon, Prince Charles etc.  It was given to Man for his outstanding service to the people of Nepal and Chimkhola. It certainly was a most memorable occasions.  He never believed such a thing could happen to him.  His parents were there to see him receive this as was Carol and Keith from Doha.  Thanks to the Duncan Noon TimeRotary Members who made this happen.  An award was also made to Teijnath Neupene of the Annurpurna Rotary Club arranged by the Duncan Daybreak Club.  Thanks for spreading so much joy. 

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