Nepal Education Fund

Unfortunately I have not been updating this blog for personal reasons.  My mother passed away last month and so I had to travel to England for her funeral and to help with her affairs.  After returning I had a very sore leg and although I was all trained to run the Portland marathon on October 7th I had to pull out as their was no way I could run on my leg.  This was a fundraiser for NEF.  One of our sponsors said that she would be willing to run the Victoria Marathon a week later for NEF even though she was not really trained.  This was a wonderful gesture on her part.  I was at the finish line when she came in and it was very emotional for both of us.  Margaret had a very tough run but she said it was the thought of the Nepali children that kept her going.  Many, many thanks Margaret for doing this for NEF.  The marathon raised over $4,000 dollars.  The money will be used for some administration but a large part will be donated to help teenaged girls in Nepal.  After we lost Mann’s sister last month so tragically we would like to do something to help girls in their teens to cope more effectively.  When I am there in March I will look into this further.  We are thinking about yoga and meditation and counselling.  We will talk to the girls and get their ideas as well.  More on this later.

Here is a little video of Margaret after she finished the race.

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