Nepal Education Fund

We are matching the last few children with a few remaining sponsors today and tomorrow and I have two children NEF is paying for until I can find sponsors. Their poor situation makes me feel that I cannot refuse them. I have left it to the last to match these children as I had to be sure I was making the best possible choice which is difficult. Most people want girls and I like to sponsor them also but sometimes situations arise where we have to sponsor the brothers or it becomes very difficult especially for the little girl in the family. I have one family where only the girl is sponsored and not her brothers and this could cause problems for her especially later. We have to understand the culture here.
Yesterday was Nepali New Year the year now is 2067. Naya bursa ko suva kamana meaning Happy New Year. I took three little girls who live in the same building as us for a walk in the fields and down to the river. They had fun making me cross the river several times by jumping on rocks and getting my feet and shoes wet. the river is very polluted and the children are aware of that but people continue to wash their clothes there. The river is in a valley full of wheat fields and it is very beautiful. The girls were saying how lovely the wheat looked with the wind blowing through it. These kids love to do things with me and they like to help me with Nepali language. I promised one more trip to the river before I leave. They wanted me take photos and I forgot my camera.
Tomorrow Mann and I are going to buy the books for the school library in Simpani which was donated by Will Leather’s memorial.

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