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Just before I left home for Nepal I was at a road race. One of my friends won a medal and said he did not want it so I asked him if I could take it to Nepal.  I have been waiting for the right child and occasion to give it away.  A few days ago I visited Rabin and he showed me his school report.  He had placed first inclass 3 with 96%.  Yesterday he came to the office with his father to pick up a gift that his sponsor had asked me to buy for him.  I decided this was the child that really deserved it.  They are extremely poor but it had not deterred Rabin.  I placed the medal around his neck and he was so happy.  Unfortunately he has his eyes closed in the photo and I did not notice at the time.  Also a photo of him with his gift of books and a football and playing with Mann’s children in our compound.

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