Nepal Education Fund

As we are now into December I think it is time to say Merry Christmas. I also at this time wish to thank all of our sponsors for their support this year. I appreciate you all as without you I could not do the work that I love so much. As you all know from the newsletter and reading this blog we have accomplished a lot during the year and this will continue into 2008.
There are some businesses I would like to thank:

Chemainus Animal Hospital – Lori and Jay have been supporting us for sometime now.
Eggplant Inspiration – an internet card company
Body Beautiful/Sun Rayz a beauty salon in Ontario
Orca Book Publishers who are in the process of sending children’s books to Nepal for us to distribute
An apartment rental company and I do not know their name in Ontario

I hope these businesses do not mind me mentioning their names but we do truly appreciate your support.

A very big thank you to Larry who has taken over all my beer and pop recycling chores. This has been a huge job for me for years and now Larry picks up the many garbage bags of cans that are donated, cleans and takes them all back for me. Money from things like this help pay admin costs so that no money comes out of your donation and sponsor money for postage, computer ink etc.
This charity’s base for all our work is from individuals who care about the children in Nepal and the help we are giving to educate them. We have sponsors from age 6 years to the late 80’s and I am often very touched by the generosity of our sponsors. One example: two little girls who give up getting and buying presents so that they can sponsor two children in Nepal.
So everyone young, old and in between seasons greeting and many, many thanks.

Susan and Bob

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