Nepal Education Fund

I managed to get to the cancer hospital yesterday as they allowed motor bikes on the back roads .  We saw the doctor and he said she could be cured but the cancer may have already spread.  The cost of the treatment though was more than I could afford. I gave her the money for two more chemo treatments.  By what the doctor said the treatment was going to $1500 to $2000.  When I said she was poor he said so are hundreds of women.  No money no treatment.  That is how life is here.  Now I am going to take the tourist bus back to Kathmandu.  Mann’s baby has been taken ill and is in hospital so he has gone on a microbus ahead of me.
Before we knew about the baby we tried to forget about everything for two hours and took an elephant ride in the jungle.  It was a birthday present for Mann.  I wanted to do something special for him as he has been so supportive and really has gone above and beyond.  He truly loved that ride.  But then it was back to reality.  I could not help thinking about Daumaya and her last words to me.  “Tell me the truth about what the doctor said as if there is no hope I do not want to waste your money”.  What a terrible situation this is especially with her four little girls waiting for her return caring for themselves.  Now I have Mann’s baby to worry about.  It is some kind of stomach problem but as usual do not know the details.
Fortunately I have seen nearly all the children just ten more to see and I will have three days to do that.

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