Nepal Education Fund

A donor and his wife from Vancouver arrived in Kathmandu yesterday and have met with staff from NEF. On Saturday they are going to be visiting some of our sponsored children and their families. Then they will visit the NEF office and have lunch there with Mann and Sima and the baby Purnita of course. I am always happy when sponsors or donors visit and see some of our work.
Mann will be going to Pokhara next week to start three ladies in a sewing school. NEF will pay for the school and for rent and food while they are there. If they are in the school six hours per day they are not able to make any money to feed their children so we have to help them with this. The ladies are very excited about the prospects of learning a new skill which will help them support their families.
Mann will then travel to the Chimkhola village with the money to start refurbishing the buildings at the school. They are anxious to get this started.
Just a reminder that school fees are due by February 15th, 2009.

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