Nepal Education Fund

We have started a gift giving program involving children’s dental visits. For $38 Canadian dollars you can send a child to the dentist for a check up, cleaning and other treatment if necessary. Nepali children rarely, if ever, visit a dentist. They are just too poor and usually cannot even afford medical treatment. There was not even a dental college in Nepal until 1996 so dentistry is in its infancy in Nepal. Children reach adulthood with many cavities and these teeth end up being extracted. Most older Nepalis have no teeth. So this is an opportunity to get children to the dentist early and hopefully save their teeth. Rotting teeth cause many health problems.
You can buy a dentist visit for friends and family for Christmas or birthdays. They will receive a card telling them about their gift. Cheques can be made out to NEF and please include the receipent’s name and address.
Over $1.200 has already been raised for this program at a fundraiser put on by a Rotarian and his wife who accompanied me to Nepal this last spring. Many thanks to them.

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