Nepal Education Fund

Before and after Photos

Chimkhola is a remote mountain village in the Annurpurna range. I visited this village with Mann while in Nepal and we stayed here as this is where Mann and Kamal were raised. I visited the village school and found the condition very bad. Although the building was only five years old it was basically just a building. The desks were in a deplorable state, the floor were mud, no steps to the office just a plank and the room they were wanting to make into a library was bare.
I had a donation from a lady in Alberta and so offered to repair 20 desks as the frames were okay. We spoke to the carpenter and agreed on the price. Mann was back there two weeks ago and took these photos of the repaired desks and they also had enough money left to make these tables and bookcases. It is just a start but a good one as now two classes have desks that they can use. We also were able to buy a few books for the library but they were put on a donkey that had not arrived when these photos were taken.

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