Nepal Education Fund

Duncan Noontime Rotary working in conjunction with NEF have provided a new generator and turbine for the village of Chimkhola.  The club donated $18,000 approx for this project.  Last week the generator made the journey to the village from Kathmandu.  It travelled by truck to the town of Beni and then by tractor over an extremely rough road over the mountain.  They had a lot of snow so the tractor got stuck in the resulting mud and so the generator had to be carried the rest of the way into the village.  The turbine made the same journey this week and also had to be carried by 50 villagers.  It will all be hooked up by the time the Rotarians visit there in a couple of week’s time.  There will be a lot of celebrating at that time.  Seven Rotarians are coming including 2 from Duncan Daybreak, 3 from Duncan Noontime and 2 from Merritt, BC.  It will be an exciting time.  The photo is of the generator being carried across the mountain.

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