Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday our new Literacy Program started with 25 women. This is special for me because when I first visited Nepal in 2001 I was shocked to see women breaking rocks into stones by hand for a living. Now we have a school room for women in a stone quarrey. It was a great feeling to hand them their first school books. Now they have an opportunity to better themselves at least by becoming literate. It is a small room that we rented but it will be sufficient. A lot of the women have babies that they will bring with them. Unfortunately we can only take 25 although there were more women who wanted to join. This program was made possible by a donation from a sponsor’s mother’s estate and we truly thank them for this.
Our sewing shop also opened yesterday and they are already making school uniforms. It was a rushed day to get everything done before leaving but Mann will return in three weeks to check on everything and Prem will be monitoring daily. Hopefully some photos here tomorrow, electric about to go out today.
I said goodbye to all our literacy ladies and all the children. We also gave out shoes, bags, clothes and gifts. It is always sad to say goodbye but all the children and women are progressing so well and that is so good to see.

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