Nepal Education Fund

We have been busy here filling out forms for all the children and having the parents sign agreement forms but so many of the women cannot even sign their name. Also two of the women who have just finished their sewing course did really well but they had trouble measuring and writing things down. Mrs. BK showed me all the things she had made and had done really well. So now we are starting a literacy program for the women who would like to learn basic reading, writing and arithmetic. One hour per day and two on Saturdays. We have decided that we cannot sponsor anymore children as we will have about 160 when we have finished this month. New sponsors will have to go on a waiting list for when a child loses a sponsor. 160 is as many as we can manage especially now with all the paperwork required by the Social Welfare Council.
But sponsorships will now be available for one of the women at a cost of $10 per month for a minimum of six months. These women are really keen to learn. We got seven names today, five of our mothers and two other older women. Mrs. BK cried when I asked her. She said she had never, even as a child, had the opportunity to learn to read. The two older women, in their fifties, were excited and more than willing to take part for the six months trial. If it is successful we will then continue it. One lady said she needed glasses but would be okay if the teacher wrote large letters. We can always get her some glasses I think. It is great to see the joy in these women at the thought of learning to read. I think this will be really satisfying. We will probably end up with at least 10 or 12 women.

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