Nepal Education Fund

Today we went to Simpani and did some visiting including tea with some of our women, really great and the school principal had arranged to have all their certificates framed and they looked good and very professional. Then we met 13 new women for the beginner class which starts tomorrow. They actually have over 20 for it but some were still away for the holiday. None of these women have ever been to school and one had 9 children. Shree Ram, our oldest student gave them all strict instruction such as they had to attend every day and were never to be late. It really was funny, she is quite an ambassador for us.
I have seen a lot of children but a lot are away in the village for Tihar but still will have a lot of photos to send out to sponsors.
Tomorrow we make the trip back to Kathmandu but we are very sad to leave as it has been a wonderful and memorable week here.

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