Nepal Education Fund

This is Ganga and she is five years old.  We have just sponsored her as she is extremely poor.  She lives in a room made out of blocks on the edge of the river which is used as a stone quarry.  Her mother works there carrying rocks out of the river and she earns $60 to $70 per month for four to five months a year.  Once the monsoons come the river is too big to work in.  Her father owned a truck which he used to earn money in the quarry.  Two years ago a dam broke further up the river and it caused a large flood killing many people and the father lost his truck.  Since then he had a mental breakdown and turned drink so the wife does not see him now.  The sons, 8 and 15, go to school and told the principal that if he allowed them to go there free of charge that they would pay him back when they grow up.  They are really nice boys and little Ganga not only cute but very happy.

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