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This is Aasika Lama sponsored yesterday.  She lives at the stone quarrey where we have quite a few children sponsored.  Below is Sanija Tamang also newly sponsored at the quarrey.  These families live in extremely poor conditions by the river and their parents work at hard labour in the quarrey.  Bottom Dilisha and her family in their room.

The little girl Dilisha was sponsored today.  We went this morning to meet her parents and to see her home.  The family is very poor, the father is a taxi driver and the mother stays home as she has bad health.  They have three daughters.  The Principal of the City Academy school took us to their home which was right next to the school as the Principal lets them stay in a room on the school property.  It was a store room that she converted to one little room and a tiny kitchen.  She lets them stay here free of charge at the moment as their situation financially is so poor.  The family has been banished from visiting their village as they say the mother is a bad omen as she has three daughters and no sons and so she is chased away.  She cries a lot about this.  Her father had to have a kidney operation and it took all they had to pay for the treathment as if not he would have died.  The Principal feels so sorry for her and asked me to help and so we have sponsored Dilisha with a very good American sponsor who has been with us for a number of years.  If we can we will sponsor Bilisha, the seven year old sister, if and when we get a sponsor for her.  The family has lived in this tiny room for 12 years now.  I was very happy to be able to help them and I am so pleased to work with City Academy who helps these children get a future. 
Sometimes it is difficult to update this blog especially with photos as the connection is so poor.  Also my own netbook has broken and is at the shop right now being fixed. 
Update on our little stray dog, the donor named her Maia which means Greek Warrior as she felt the little dog is indeed a warrior.  She is delighted with how her donation was spent.  I think I have found a home for her when she is well in a couple of months. 
Tomorrow we have a sponsor and her daughter arriving from Cobble Hill in Canada to visit her child and also her lady in the literacy.  Her child is now a young woman in 2nd year college. 

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