Nepal Education Fund

I am sitting in Hong Kong airport waiting for my flight home.  As usual it was so hard to say goodbye to friends and mostly my Nepali family of Mann. Sima, Liza and Jagat, Puspa and their children.  It is such a huge transition to leave Nepal and arrive in Hong Kong and then Canada. 
It has been a trip of sadness and successes, some of both, and it truly seems the work we do is merely a drop in the ocean, as they say.  The poor of Nepal seem to grow poorer and our work becomes harder.  Rest assured though I will never give up helping to educate the poor in Nepal and will continue to help with improvements to schools and wherever else I can help I will such as the dogs I find in need.  My resources are limited but I will keep working on behalf of our sponsors and donors.  Tomorrow I will talk about what we accomplished on this trip but now my flight will soon be boarding. I also want to add more photos here so check back later for more.

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