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It has been a hectic three weeks in Nepal, my shortest visit to date.  When I booked the oil embargo was on and I thought getting around was going to be difficult but the embargo was over before I arrived.  Many days I worked eight to eight but 99% percent of the work was completed as of yesterday.  Krishna will finish up.  It has been a marathon but the children as always have been a delight and meeting with friends enjoyable.

Our new organization and board are doing well.  I have seen all the paperwork and we now have transparency and detailed records of all children.  Krishna is extremely efficient even though he is still learning all the children and schools.  He is a very fast learner.  Ram has put in hundreds of hours to achieve the correct paperwork for the government and also to learn all the children, their backgrounds and schools.  We are going to minimize the amount of schools we are using so that all children in one area go to the same school.  This will be much more efficient and mean that even government sponsored children will get a better education.  Below are some of our board members.  I will post more photos in the next few days.
TREASURER – Krishna Hari Basnet.  Krishna works as a night receptionist at the Kathmandu Guest House.  He coordinates all NEF children, visiting schools and families etc.  Past NEF student.
PRESIDENT –  Ram Hari Basnet.  Ram runs a cargo busniess in Kathamndu and also has built his own school in his village for poor children
VICE PRESIDENT – Rajendra Thakuri – Rajendra has worked for NEF for many years managing the Hattiban area children.  He has a job in guest relations at the Kathmandu Guest House.
MEMBER – Niroz new to NEF and is an IT Designer.
SECRETARY – Pradip Gandharba –  NEF student now in a master’s program.
MEMBER – Bipana Ale Magar – NEF student now in a BA program.
Not shown are Shirjana Adhikari past NEF student now a bookkeeper at a college
and Sabitri Poudel blind NEF student.

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