Nepal Education Fund

I am on my way to Nepal via Kuala Lumpur.  My flight left Vancouver late so I missed my flight Kuala Lumpur.  I am going to spend four days with my friend Bikram, my yoga teacher from Nepal.  Bikram used to teach yoga some years ago in Thamel and I became friends with him.  He was the best yoga teacher I ever I had.  He made me believe that I could do anything.  I did my first headstand with him.  He was very poor and lived in a tiny room where I remember having dinner with him.  Then he was picked by a high end yoga chain in K.L and he worked for them for a few years.  Now he has his own yoga studio, is married with a son and is doing very well.  I am so looking forward to seeing and doing lots of yoga.  I am the only yoga student from the west that has remained friends with Bikram through the years so this is a big event for both of us.

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