Nepal Education Fund

We are enjoying a few days in Hong Kong now and leave for home tomorrow.  Our time in Nepal was busy and quite productive.  We did not see all our children but a lot of them.  We spent time at schools with the help of the Annurpurna Rotary Club looking for those that need help.  We started work at Gunjara School and they already have the new roofing NEF provided in place.  Mann’s and Sima’s wedding was a highlight which we were so happy to attend.  We spent time with our Nepali family and friends and I managed some more Nepali language lessons with Prem.  Our time was short there but every day was filled and we enjoyed it to the full.  The people of Nepal are wonderful, I love them for their natural friendliness and sincerity.  They are so warm and welcoming.  It is always hard to leave our friends there.  Life for them is hard and we cannot compare it ours.  Fortunately the electricty was not too bad with load  shedding only for about an hour per day but they are saying by the spring it will be for 18 hours which means only six hours of electricity per day again. 
When I get home I will put more photos up here on the blog and also on flickr.

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