Nepal Education Fund

This morning I took Sunita, Rita and Rheka, Sunita and Rheka both sponsored children, on the lake for a boat ride. This was enjoyed by all and after for soft drinks. Sunita is now more relaxed and not staring a everything quite so much. Sh seems very happy. Yesterday I took her and Rita to the dentist. Dag, a rotarian was paying to get 7 of Rita’s teeth fixed and she needed two root canals done. Sunita needed two extractions of milk teeth that had never come out and some filling. She had one tooth extracted yesterday, the dentist asked me to pick which one. The dental surgery was like out of the 1920’s and there is no freezing done. Sunita’s was so good. So many new things and a dentist visit as well all in not much more than 48 hours. Mann said to leave it for one year till she was used to everything. People here just do not understand about dental health.
Sewing shop opened today and tomorrow they are going to start making school uniforms. I did hand out clothes, gifts, school bags to children yesterday. All the NEF children were brought to the school which made it easier. Tomorrow we are getting shoes etc. Also tomorrow new women’s literacy program is starting.

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