Nepal Education Fund

We leave for Pokhara in the morning at 7am so we are staying at the Meditation Centre tonight as it is cheaper than taking a taxi in here. We are going on the cheapest tourist bus. Takes 6 to 7 hours. We have some families sponsored there who I have not met yet and also may match some children there. Kamal knows them all. The Puns, Dolma chetri and Rubin and Puspa Thapa are there. We will be gone four days. I have photos of the ceremoney which I will send when I get back. I have photos of all of the children we sponsor. So when I get back we can share those.

Ran 1 hr. 50 min this morning on a very rough country trail through the terraced fields all so green with fields of mustard interspersed, very lovely but the trail is quite precarious. Just finished 1 hr 30 min yoga class, so good job I am resting on a bus tomorrow. I am still saving a few children in the unfortunate case people do not renew but I will match some in Pokhara as Kamal has told about some needy cases.Weather warmer today thank goodness. You probably will not hear from me until I get back. Email is expensive in Pokhara. It is a nice town right beneath the mountains. If the weather is clear the scenery is beautiful of the Annurpurna range.

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