Nepal Education Fund


Children at SBCH childen’s home in hats donated by a friend

Smitri and Abeska on their way to school

Pinky & her mother

Smitri and Abeska have been sponsored for about five years now.  The improvement in them is quite incredible.  When Bob and I first saw them we were quite upset by their poor condition.  They are low caste children who we felt needed our help.  When I first put Abeska in school he did nothing but cry but as you can see by the photo they are doing very well today and happy to be in school.  Pinky is a sweet little girl with some bone problems and is tiny for her age of 8.  She is the mascot of the Pinky Fund in Qatar where she is sponsored and also the Qatar Friends of the Wooden Spooner provide money through NEF for school projects.  Sagar has been sponsored for about two years now.  He has a mother and baby sister living in a very small damp room.  We visited SBCH a couple of days ago and it was quite a delight to see all the children in this home doing well and they all seemed very happy.  SBCH is run by Mann’s brother Kamal.   

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