Nepal Education Fund

Mann, NEF President, who works so hard for all of us, riding on the bus to Pokhara.
Liza, Mann’ s little girl exercising with my band.  We love her and she keeps us always amused

SBCH Children’s Home with Jenny their dog that was adopted from the KAT Centre a few months ago

Madelynn with Devitt our dog at the office/apartment who is spoiled by everyone in the building

Lori with Mann’s new baby son, Prem

Bob with Puja and Mahalaxmi, Jagat’s daughters who live upstairs and were our first sponsored children.
Mahalaxmi is now in college.

A bufflo outside the apartment, so gentle, the children climb all over him.

Children at Sima’s Children Home enjoying he Tihar tika ceremony.  In red shirts from Qatar.

Children from SBCH dancing at our apartment on the eve of  Tihar or Dipawali.  So much fun.
Madelas like this one are made at every doorway on the eve of Tihar

Jagat who work for us at NEF

Here are some photos of a more personal nature of our Nepali family and around where we live in Nakhipot, Kathmandu.

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