Nepal Education Fund

Top left the beautiful green fields of Hattiban. Centre a child with clothes we had just given her. Right Samjhana, an NEF child, who lives with her grandmother as both her parents are dead. Middle left little Alina receiving her sponsor’s gift. All our Hattiban children and some parents, one child missing as he had gone to visit a relative. Left Asmita who is a shining star. Today she got her school results and for the second year in a row she is first in her class. She gets a little English instruction at school but her English is quite good, I was surprised. She said she teaches herself at home every day with two books she has. She has 7 brothers and sisters and is very poor. She wanted to know what the Canadian anthem is as she is interested in such things. I had to sing a bit of Oh Canada which I am not very good at. I love Hattiban and the children here seem especially innocent and sweet.

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