Nepal Education Fund

Sorry these photos are all over the page, it is hard to change them. They are at top: Sabitra BK who is to be sponsored in the spring, children from Chimkhola, the Principal and social sciences teacher Lomaya, the village ceremony, view of Dauligiri, the trek to the village, Kasack at the orphanage, Rusma, marigold malas sold on the street for Tihar, below is Hira helping her mother sell tea on the street and Samjhana and the children at SBCH home.
The child in the photo on the trek to the village, you can just see her, is only 4 and walked all the way up there with no complaint, in fact she led the way for 7 hours. She is the daughter of the math teacher and he and his family were returning home so walked with us and the mother carried the baby of about 18 months all the way on her back.

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