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Here are some photos of Sushant. It was a sad day yesterday as we started him in school, for the first time leaving his home and parents. When I asked him is he was happy he said “yes but I will cry in the night when it is dark and I miss being in the room with my parents.” We bought him all his bedding and other supplies and an ice cream was a treat for him and he seemed really pleased with his new bed as you see in the photo. All he brought with him was one pair of pants and a shirt, I guess that is all he owns. We bought him more things and a box to put them in. Unfortunately his parents now have decided not to have the cornea transplant as they believe his sight will come back. Of course this is not going to happen but it is their decision. Hopefully they will change their minds. Pictures also of the blind children with Barbie dolls and stuffed toys. These brought so much joy. I just sat there with a lump in my throat as I saw them feel the hair and clothes, eyes etc. Never have I seen children so happy with anything before. I have to go back with more as I did not have enough. The boys were just as happy with them as the girls and when the school bell rang they stuffed them away in their bags.

Today I have been sick so had to cancel my visits which I hate to do but there was no option.

On the political front the government has signed an agreement with the Madhesi people in the Terai in the south of the country where there has been so much unrest and violence. this means the election in April will go ahead. On the bright side, literally, the electric is now only out 6 hours instead of 8 per day.

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