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I was hoping to add some photos here but it is not cooperating. This can be difficult. I willtryand add them tomorrow. I am at an internet shopt in Nakhipot where I am staying at the orphanage and the computers here leave a lot to be desired. I know I have to send new sponsors photos but again sometimes it is impossible.
Iam busy everyday with school registrations and matching new children. I would like to explain here that sometimes the circumstances of a family change. I have a couple of families now whose financial situation has changed. I then feel that they are able to pay fortheir children’s education themselves and I would rather change that sponsor to a child that really needs it. I think my sponsors would agree with this. We have helped them when they needed it the most. It is a difficult descision to make but there is so much need here that sometimes I have to be a little tougher and make the best decision. I am trying to help as many women without husbands as possible as these women have a very hard time. I visited one lady the other day who is on her own to see if we could help with sponsoring her child. She works all day to earn a living and the 4 year old child just plays on the street all day with no care. It was an area I had not been to before and it was a horrible slum with garbage everywhere. Very depressing.
I was at the school forthe blind the other day. Always enjoyable to visit here as they love visitors. There is a 16 year girl there called Sabitra. She is a brilliant girl who is at the moment taking her school leaving certificate. She has learnedto speak perfect english by listening to the BBC news. The school has seeing and blind students and she always has the top marks forthewhole school. (sorry this computer justwill not work) She is hoping to win a scholarship for college but even if she does shewill haveto pay for living expenses in the dorm. She comes froma very remote village and she has a blind brother and a blind sister. They are at home in the village. Her sponsor only will sponsor her through tothe end of class 10 so she asked could I help her. I told her I was sure I could get her a $250 a year sponsor and she was very happy with that. If anyone you know would be interested in helping her please let me know. She is a wonderful girl. The other day she asked to feel my hair and asked what colour it was. I told her grey and she said does everyone in your country have grey hair? I told her no only old people to which she asked how old I was. When I told her 62 she and everyone else in the room gasped (62 very old here) and then she said but you only feel like you are 40 or 45. Now you know why I like her so much!
Iwill add a photo of her as soon as I can. This does frustrate me.
Till later

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