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Yesterday we went to Phumdi Bumdi and it was a very busy but wonderful day.  Jeff saw all the children’s teeth and some adults in the afternoon.  I helped in the morning and Carol in the afternoon as I had to visit the homes of seven new children.  I thought this was going to be an easy task but it took well over two hours of trekking around a steep village, climbing over many stone walls and like all Nepali mountain villages it is always up and more up.  The sun was hot and of course I forgot to take water with me.  But the beauty of this village is amazing, breath taking really and on reaching one very poor child’s home I said to myself this has a million dollar view which it did but the family lives on $1.50 per day.  What wonderful children they all were.  One little girl, her name was Goma, her father fell down a cliff last year and has since been paralyzed from the waist down.  From donations of the villagers he received medical treatment and rehab and a wheel chair was donated from the US but he could go nowhere as he lived high up on a ledge and so laid on the bed all day.  The mother works in the fields for a little money.
By the time I returned to the school the dentistry was finished and after taking more photos of the children and with the Annurpurna Rotary Club and giving out some clothes we left to return to Pokhara.  The dental camps are made possible by Duncan Rotary in conjunction with Annurpurna Rotary and of course Dr. Jeff Phillips.  I must not forget to thank the village women for a very delicious  lunch of organic food grown in the village.  Carol and Keith thoroughly enjoyed their visit and donated money to the school for a Montessori program.  This money was donated from them and their friends in Qatar.
This school is a government school but very progressive because of excellent management.  The children are all speaking some English now and although the school only goes to class 5 now they are adding class 6 next year and hope to add a class each year till they have the full 10 classes.  These are all very poor and low caste children so it is perfect for NEF support.  Photos tomorrow hopefully!

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