Nepal Education Fund

Last October we visited Phumdi Bumdi and its small school.  At the time we were most impressed by the school board member and their vision for the future of the school.  This school’s students are 80% Dalit caste (untouchables) the very lowest caste.  They have planted a small coffee plantation on the grounds and already have been promised a market for the beans when they harvest in two years.  With the money they will be able to pay for an English teacher.  The school needed many improvements and NEFdonated a $1000 for a library.  We went back to see how this was progressing when I was there in March.  We had to give the money in two parts so it was not quite finished when we were there.  The carpet was laid with a good underlay and some tables, bookcases and books were there.  Two weeks later they sent some prints to us of the finished room.  We were just amazed at the great job they had done here.  The walls are painted different colours and there are cushions on the floor at low tables for the little children.  I will scan the photos tomorrow and hopefully I can get them up here.  The children are delightful and here are photos of them.

The photo of the library is when it was not complete tomorrow I will post the final photo and prepare to be amazed.  It has turned out to be the best project we have ever done with a school. 

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