Nepal Education Fund

The picnic yesterday was a huge success, we all had a great day. There were about 50 in all, more than we had calculated but that usually happens. Nani and Mohan, two Nepali friends, did all the shopping and arranging for pots and music etc. We did some shopping with them but they did much running around on their own. We rented the school bus and driver for $40 for the day and driver also worked all day helping with the cooking. It is amazing to see how everyone pitches in with the work. The women cut and prepared all the vegetables while the men tended the fires and stirred the huge pots of food. It took about 4 hours to prepare the food. In the meantime we played games with the children and drank tea and had cookies. The guys had insisted on music and the electric cable had to be run from a nearby village but everyone really enjoyed the dancing. It was very hot but it did not seem to deter anyone from playing and dancing. The pots were all washed in the river before being returned. We all piled onto the bus about 3:30 and got home about 4pm. It certainly was a very memorable event.
This morning I was back down there again to give out clothes and taken photos and then say our goodbyes.

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