Nepal Education Fund

Today we opened the library in Simpani Government school which was donated by the Qatar Friends of the Wooden Spoon in Doha. The room was not quite ready, still being painted, but all the books were put in the bookcase and we took photos.
Then we went to High Mount School where we had a picnic for the women and children and had nearly 100 people. We fed them samosas, chips, fruit and peanuts and pop which they all enjoyed. Some games were played and we all had fun on a beautiful, warm sunny day beneath the Annurpurna mountain range.
One of our lady students had some piglets, 14 of them, so we took our granddaughter, Ali, to see them. We had some tea and biscuits which I really needed as I was too busy to eat at the picnic. I matched some ladies with new sponsors. A lot of the ladies do not have sponsors and would dearly love to have one. We are going back again tomorrow as my daughter, Wendy as decided to sponsor another one, Rita, and wants her photo taken with her. Also our American friend, Chris, wants to see the piglets. These pigs do not know how popular they are. Tomorrow we are going to open the new library at Bhumdi Bhumdi which is a village about 45 mins from here. Half the marathon money paid for this. Chris also wants to come so we are going to have to squeeze 5 adults and 1 child into a small taxi, believe me it can be done!!
Tonight we had a birthday party for Neera, our dear friend at the Laughing Buddha Restaurant. She really loved that. Our granddaughter, Ali, spends all her spare time working in the restaurant. She always plays waitress at home and now she is doing it for real!! She is having a great time. She fits right in with the sponsored children also.
Well I really tired so going to get some sleep.

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