Nepal Education Fund

This poem was sent to a sponsor and I think she speaks for all of the children in Nepal. I have copied it exactly as it was written. Please Read:

About Life

When I see others life,
I used to see only their happiness life
Again when I turn towards me,
I used to be sad coz there’s no any free

All others rejoying prosperous life,
But why I only have sad and nervous life,
Why I should always make fall my tear,
Though there’s no any one to care

Why I can’t enjoy their life,
Though I am also some child
I know that in my life there is no any happiness
Except my life is full of pain
Why I was born in this crude world

Though I don’t have any one to hold
All of the people are curring my life
Though I have’nt done any mistake

Thank You Ranjita

I am leaving in a few days so there is still time to get a letter to me (if you live locally) for your child to let them know that you care.
When I am in Nepal I will update the blog regularly except when I am in the mountains so please check. I arrive in Nepal on October 26th after a few days in Hong Kong.

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