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We arrived in Pokhara two days ago.  The bus trip w 7 hours but was good in that there were no delays.  Between us with bags of clothes and Jeff with dental equipment we had tons of luggage.  As soon as we arrived we were busy meeting with dental managers and Kristi school management people.  Yesterday Jeff went to visit the dental clinic and Mann and I went to a ceremony at the Kristi school.  I am very happy with the school.  The building is finished physically but needs windows, doors, paint and desks.  I gave a donation of $500 from NEF to buy some desks.  This money was from donations from two different schools, one a school in Banff and another from a basketball school team in Abbotsford.  Thank to them and I hope to have photos of the desks before I leave.
It was very hot weather wise up there on that mountain.  They presented me with a shawl and a picture of the Annurpurna range, very nice of them.  The best gift though was that they told me that because NEF had started the work on the school it had given inspiration to the villagers and they then believed it could be done.  Many of them had donated what they could to help.  100 rupees, 500 rupees it has all helped.  There is still a long way to go but it is slowly coming together.  Then they will have a school they can be proud of and that is close for children especially the little ones.

Later in the day we went to Simpani and we visited the BK family where four little girls have been living alone for two months with no contact from their mother while she has chemotherapy in the south of Nepal.  They only had enough rice for one more meal and nothing else.  So after we had visited and Jeff had checked teeth we went and bought lots of food for them.  The shop keeper had been kind and given them rice on credit.  He also took the food to their home on a motorbike.  One of the girls had not been to school for two weeks and we talked to her about what education meant to her future life.  She was going to school today.  The eldest child, Maya, has been holding the family together as best she can.  She is 13 and the youngest is 6 and the other two in between.  Jeff was totally shocked at such conditions.  We have word that the mother may return at the end of the week. I truly hope so.

This morning I am trying to catch up on emails etc but my iPad is nearly out of power so may have to wait to later to post photos.

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